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let it never be said that we "younger" women at last week's nac meeting did not warn that a smarter approach to communications would need to be an imperative part of whatever incarnation comes next for the canadian women's movement. and we were not just standing there with hands on hips and all uppity about it. hell no. we said our skills and selves are available to ramp up the message and the manner in which it gets broadcast. at least one (defensive) vocal woman made it clear that other women here also know how to do communications, so we'll thank you to step off, we are pithy and wired and damn well don't need you to tell us what to sell, or how.

those indignant women conjured up one embarrassing press release after the meeting, let me tell you. it is so ungood that i shan't share it here. well ok, maybe one or two choice samplings. media have never been hit with such newsworthy nuggets as "we raise our diverse voices in one resounding chorus" or "women's equality will not be swept under the rug of rhetoric this time". oh sweet jesus. i suggested that if this was an effective press release, i am a candidate on the next antm. no really, i am.


Anonymous Miss Vicky said...

Oh god. I haven't seen the outcome. Press releases should never be written by committee. Goddess love these women, they've worked hard, but at some point you have to take a step back, acknowledge you've gone as far as you can go, and open yourselves up to change.

9:26 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well ms. Pam... I wrote that "embarrassing" press release... and I sure as hell am not an uppity, hand on hip, finger wagging, middle-aged feminist claiming to 'know better'... I AM A "YOUNG WOMAN"... if you don't like the press release, suck it up... put your money where your mouth is and write one yourself... and you can sure as hell count me out of your "us younger women" blah, blah, blah... this 'YOUNG WOMAN' doesn't believe in criticizing from the sidelines.

10:06 a.m.  
Blogger pamused said...

aw geez, here we go...

1. i know better than anyone that young women don't hang out in one homogenous category, so don't worry about it
2. i'm sure you did your best, but if you can't take some criticism, YOU suck it up; everyone's writing gets shot at, none of us are immune
3. i reside everywhere BUT the sidelines
4. listen more carefully and you'd hear me saying all over the place: we ALL have to do better
5. my money IS where my mouth is - at least i attach my name to what i say
6. i think i know who you are and the truth is, you wrote a kick ass report -- so i know you do good work usually
7. by the way, uppity is a glorious thing

12:12 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know you feel that "it is so ungood that [you] shan't share it here" but since you dedicated a whole entry to it, I think it's only fair to post it in its entirety and let all decide for themselves. I also invite you to share REAL CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM and challenge you to take this opportunity to contribute to the women's movement by drafting one yourself. I also can't help but wonder whether you would have said what you did, knowing that it was a 'young' woman who wrote this, and not, as your post, seemed to assume, a gaggle of older 'defensive' feminists... it is true that I worked with the notes that other women(in my opinion it shouldn't matter whether they were young or old since everyone had an opportunity to contribute), but it was I (a 'young' woman) who synthesized the final draft.
Yours truly, Elizabeth Anacleto


December 2, 2005

What is Your message to Women?


A gathering of equality-seeking women’s organizations and individual equality-seeking women convened in Ottawa this past week to discuss the needs of Canadian women. Profoundly angered by what we have heard from one another regarding the deteriorating condition of women and their families, we raise our diverse voices in one resounding chorus, to demand accountability from the male party leaders who are vying for leadership in the upcoming federal election.

We condemn the ‘old boy’ politics that have time and time again abandoned women on parliament hill. We demand that women’s lives not be subsumed by slogans:

Stephen Harper, we demand you STAND UP FOR WOMEN FOR A CHANGE !!


Gilles Duceppe, we warn you to REMEMBER WOMEN, FOR WOMEN WILL NOT FORGET!!


We will be going back to our constituencies to ensure that women remain vigilant. Women’s equality will not be swept under the rug of rhetoric this time!

- 30 -

12:13 p.m.  
Blogger pamused said...

thanks for putting your name to the comments, liz. now stop worrying about this. really. i'd have criticized the release regardless of the author's age. i didn't post it in its entirety because nac has been embarrassed enough over the past few years. not that too many read this page, but still. anyways, you really shouldn't take any nac-related stuff so personally - it's all from way before your association with any of this. whatever, it's just not a good release. let's move on.

12:22 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Indignant?" "Embarrassing?" Pam...when I heard that a young woman was willing to take the lead to write the press release I was elated.if you feel compelled to provide criticism...why not be constructive...
oh and if your skills and self were/are available to "ramp up the message" and "the manner in which it gets broadcast" then i have to ask WHERE were YOU?

12:39 p.m.  
Blogger pamused said...

why, i was here on the sidelines, remember? sidelines that are actually quite hectic and lively. we’re all super busy on behalf of the movement, thanks. i stated at the plenary my belief that nac cannot be sold in its current form. if you're really open to help, just ask. in the meantime, i’ll thank you not to bring more indignation here. after all, YOU found ME. and this is my personal journal.

i was NOT compelled to provide criticism, i was compelled to blog. huge difference. but given the desperation for “constructive” criticism of a release two weeks later from someone who would be inconsequential to anyone more secure, i’ll oblige: it is not a release. a press release has to do two things: highlight hard news and assert a point. yours did neither.

but a release inherently cannot be written or defended personally. i said it at the plenary and i’ll say it again: nac has a serious credibility problem that requires serious first aid. i'm sure not alone in that assessment, but even if i was, i stand by it. given nac’s current state of flux, i would expect it to worry more about seeking the strategic help of media professionals and publicists than the ramblings of a blogger.

are we done now? really, move on.

1:17 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pam, I have absolutely no problem with signing my name to anything (just wanted to make that clear) and the fact is that you replied while I was writing my 'further' response... so I'm sorry if you felt that I was attempting to hide behind my 'anonymity'... I didn't intend to...
Look, this shouldn't be a 'war of words', but I do admit that I was quite upset with the tone of your post, and I feel absolutely justified in that anger. However, when I challenged you to provide 'constructive' critism I meant it sincerely, and not merely in a 'combative' way. I have no problem accepting 'constructive' criticism, but I cannot accept criticism that I consider 'de-structive', so please... share... how would you have done it differently? I'd truly appreciate an honest response. Let's make this whole little 'interchange' a 'constructive' one and not let our egos and anger get in the way...

1:20 a.m.  
Blogger pamused said...

liz, your challenge did come across in a combative way. are you kidding me about this being an ego thing? as if! you were upset because you took it personally - which, jesus, you just shouldn't - and from my end, it's more a 'can't believe we're even having this exchange' thing. i have no problem chatting with you about anything. anytime. just call me.

1:30 a.m.  
Blogger pamused said...

omigod that last comment did NOT come across with the chuckles intended. read the "as if!" as an elbow jab. ok, enough of this silliness. call if you want.

1:34 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK I realized that I've done it again... didn't see your latest response before posting that last bit (I guess I'm not good with the whole 'blogging' thing - feel free to give me advice on that too).

For the record you seem to be under the assumption that the last 'anonymous' posting before 'your' last, was mine... (the one which started with "Embarassing?...") it wasn't... however, from your last post it seems that you're not really all that interested in responding in a supportive manner, so I give up, so just forget my last post... judging from your response, this is obviously going nowhere... this is exactly why I don't 'blog' to begin with.

Also for the record, 'personal journals' are kept under your pillow... when you blog, on the other hand you open yourself up for response; so in essence you've invited my feed-back; I have not dug beneath your pillow and invaded your privacy...

Good bye Pam and good luck!


1:38 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK just saw your two latest entries... this is ridiculous... I obviously can't keep up... just drop it... and no, Pam I did not 'take it personally' what hurt and what disturbed me was the fact that you did seem to be putting down all the people at that plenary and that really bothered me. I wanted to take responsibility for that 'not so good' press release instead of letting you assume that it was the 'regular nac' folk, that you seem to have had issues with, as you said 'before I came on the scene or was involved - can't remember exactly how you phrased this'... I'll do you a favour and drop this... if you feel you can't sell NAC, I'll try, with or without your help.

I need sleep... long day


1:46 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok one more teensy, weensy, little thing... a clarification... the press release was not a 'nac' press release. that's why we didn't mention 'nac' specifically. It WAS intended to be a release on behalf of the women who participated at the plenary... One of the executives stood up and read out the rough draft (don't know if you were there still) and it did have the approval of the women who were assembled. Just wanted to give you that added context, because I don't know if you were there when that happened...

1:53 a.m.  

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