tangled webs

oh what a web we weave and blah blah blah, but listen to this. audra - co-panelist with me at the aforementioned nac plenary, moderator of babble, boss lady of this neat-o firm, AND delightful woman in general - has posted Very Nice Words about me on her personal blog, thus inspiring someone to already pop over here and comment with more Very Nice Words. web of love, this crazy cyber world can be.

but wait, there's more. talk about cool creepy crawly coincidences. turns out audra has guest contributed to one of the sites i list here, which happens to be run by the same peeps who steer this other fave site of mine. these are sites that tickled me even before i developed my big blog-crush on wendy, who i came to know thanks to those infamous weight watchers cards. so anyways, wendy also contributes to those same sites. i have long had a niggly feeling that i once knew one of those peeps back in the day, back home. so i asked audra about her and she said Yeah, tara's from regina. and i pissed myself. because i have no idea how, i just knew i knew her. i'm thinking from either a creative writing or swimming class.

none of this has anything to do with the feministy topics audra and i spoke of today, such as this, but makes me say wheeeeeeee all the same. i mean, c'mon ... who would have thought all cool web threads lead back to regina?


Anonymous audra said...

Wheeeeeee! Wheeeeeeee! Wheeeeee!

I really want to start our own thing. Like, severiously.

11:09 p.m.  
Anonymous Miss Vicky said...

Goodness. Getting you too together might be dangerous. I don't know why I didn't think about it before.

9:29 a.m.  
Blogger accidental altruist said...

my question is this:

are your posts colour-coded? if so, what do the colours connote?


8:22 a.m.  
Blogger pamused said...

a little, and not really.

purple always for feministy topics.
grey sometimes when it's gloom and doom (but not always, obviously, as in HELLO! Audra links!)

just whatever strikes me, i guess.

8:28 a.m.  

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