meme: 5th of 23rd

thanks to miss vicky for tagging me in the latest blog meme. apparently, we're to dig out the fifth sentence of our 23rd blog post. the next part of the assignment is unclear: either just post it (whoopdy-doo), or use it as the first sentence of a new fictional piece.

well, i found my 23rd post, but it's only 3 sentences long. and it inspires absolutely zero fictional possibilities, so i decided to just re-print it in its entirety. bet this is pretty fucking exciting reading.

ps: the link featured therein leads now to only a sort of 'in memoriam' ... the original site was really quite pithy.

pps: i've got no one to tag. the bloggers i could tag either don't have 23 posts yet, or wouldn't find this meme all that neat-o. too cool, or not that cool, or something like that.

anyhoo, here it was, just over a year ago:

what do you do if you hate dubya, you also hate the other guys, and you're a strategic voter. you spread your message with an atttitude. tell everyone you're voting for kerry, even though you think he's a douchebag.


Blogger Chad Moats said...

Hey Pam
How's life out east,eh ?
Just found your blog.
Darlene and the lads say "Hi!"

8:59 p.m.  

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