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i always say that a city becomes a totally different place once you have an address, and i believe the same can be said for the clc. i have been in this building countless times, but it all changes somehow now that i have my very own office with large windows overlooking the very glamorous riverside drive, a stone's throw from hog's back falls.

there'd have been lotsa changes around here if the results of the leadership race had been different in june. hard to say what kind of an impact carol could have had. there are things i notice now that i'm on staff. i'd like to think carol would have taken a hard line stance against the shockingly high use of comic sans as default font in email and internal memos. i loathe it - and i'm not alone.

as a long-time lackey for labour, though never a formal employee, i have a pretty good sense of how things work. and it's not always inspiring. the formalities and bureaucracies can make for a tangled and infuriating place for people like me who are used to handling everything in a job. i guess that's why they try to placate us with free coffee and apple juice, and the occasional spread of leftovers from a swank executive meeting, bruised and humiliated after the big-wigs had their way with it, splayed all sad-like on the board room table for staff to pick through.

this is certain to be an edifying experience, if not an eye-opening one. i look forward to the learning, to working with people i respect and admire, and to the chance to help advance some important files. but let's say it winds up being just awful. then if nothing else, three months with this client might be exactly the shove i need to make me realize i'm doing the right thing by pursuing less organizational and more creative paths. in the meantime, i'll claim a free flu shot, make spectacular use of the office supply closet (it's like my frickin birthday everytime i walk in there), and consume lots of complimentary beverages. nice work if you can get it, they say.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't kid yourself. You're selling your soul for apple juice crack. Raid the closet then get out.

Take it from one who knows....

6:15 p.m.  
Blogger pamused said...

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11:20 p.m.  
Blogger pamused said...

the apple juice IS pretty tasty. but i AM protective of the spirit that i've been trying to bring back to life -- the big 2005 project, i guess.

out yourself, obi wan. is part of your soul left lurking in a union office somewhere?

11:21 p.m.  

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