my candidate's name is alain. he just called...

him: i'm swinging by the zone captain's house in zone 9 in a few minutes, did you want me to drop off a few of those door-knockers that were delivered today? i don't want to mess with whatever system you have for this.
me: what in the christ would make you think i have any kind of a system for that?
him: (nervous chuckle) well, i just assumed.
me: i wouldn't do that.
him: so should i leave some with her?
me: well my mind is on the other side of the universe right now, so i can't think of how many we should give her. it requires broader thinking about how many we need to allocate for newly prioritized neighbourhoods based on scheduling and volunteer availability. i just don't know.
him: ok, so then i should leave some with her?
me: well did they arrive in any sort of batches? like how many are in a stack? are you just going to hunch over your trunk in the rain and count out an arbitrary number?
him: i guess i'll just do what you tell me.
me: are they countable?
him: let's see, we ordered 3000 total ... there are 2 boxes with i guess 1500 each ... 6 stacks ... so there are piles of 250 each
me: oh. well that was easy.
him: (still relatively calm) so should i leave some with her?
me: yeah, ok. give her 250 for now.
him: ok.
me: and could you make a note of that somewhere?
him: err, uh, sure ... uh, ya i suppose ...
me: (interrupting) even just on the box somewhere with a sharpie? my mind is ... i just ... i don't ... i just ... i feel pretty [whistling sound] right now.
him: um, YES.


Blogger accidental altruist said...

knowing the both of you - i found that to be extraordinarily amusing.

i'm really rooting for both of you!!!!

9:31 p.m.  
Blogger Mighty T said...

you go Pam, i know that truly you are an organizational dynamo..

hope the last few days of the campaign goes well!

9:20 a.m.  

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