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somebody told somebody who told somebody who just informed me that this blog is listed as a nominee for best personal blog in the 2005 canadian blog awards. i have poked around the awards site and have come to learn that nominators are advised to advise nominees of nominations, a step my nominator apparently missed. to whoever you are: jesus, how embarrassing. and gaawlee, thanks.

the goal, criteria, and judging of said awards are rather unclear. it all seems rather arbitrary and without point.
as for the award makers, i suspect their idea of 'personal' is a bit different than my own. but here and there i am, out and proud. just puttin' my shit out there, quietly. i guess it's nice that somebody noticed enough to tell the big black screen red font people.

also, kudos to miss v for being all the fuck over those nomination lists.


Anonymous Miss Vicky said...

congrats! I hadn't noticed you had been nominated. Yeah, I was nominated by someone I don't even know - which is kinda cool.

5:49 p.m.  

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