can i get an amen?

we somehow made it through the first day of this national plenary called "how nac relates", a bizarre gathering of an ecclectic bunch of feminists. we may be a bit stunned, but slink to sleep relatively unscathed. notwithstanding frustrations about format, process, and content at the meeting, we think our humble panel about "engaging younger women" went fairly well. and a few other women did too. i bit the bullet and spoke my truth. it was one of the most thought-out presentations i believe i have ever done. i chose to forego my usual list of bullet-pointed key words and a wing-it approach for a texty batch of notes. i gave consideration to tone, timing, and the ordering of things. i took some risks and even cracked wise a few times. i tried to strike a balance between respect and reverence for the foremothers and strong articulations about the challenges faced by young women vis-a-vis the traditional women's movement. at the risk of over-analyzing the thing, i was glad to have been asked, and i'm SUPER glad it's done. i'm not really upset by the few women who openly expressed disagreement, if not opposition, to positions (truths) we raised [sounded much like Who are these women you have encountered that made you so discouraged, i mean WHO ARE THEY?? my group has ALWAYS included and supported young women, so what the hell are you talking about??]. my heart is more interested in hugging the enthusiastic support from the precious few who dared to stand up and shout You Go Grrls! Brilliant! You Inspire Me! -- those sistahs i believe really DO got my back. testify!


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