pop culture jamming

lingering tears from this afternoon's mini meltdown having to do with feeling that the campaign has deteriorated into a comedy of errors and feeling my poorly-asserted boundaries are being disrespected were just now turned into tears of hysterical laughter thanks to the brilliantly-timed recommendation of this link by adam.

ever wonder what the shining would be like re-spun and re-soundtracked and more compatible with a typical movie formula? me neither. but thank christ somebody did. the music from shawshank redemption was funny, but when the intro to solsbury hill started up, i damn near pissed myself. jesus.


Blogger accidental altruist said...

thanks pam, for doubling my intake of weirdly unsettling imagery. i finally watched Being John Malkovich yesterday. i had also watched the Shining trailer you've linked to. whoa. the dreams i had last night!

keep on sharing. :-)

10:50 a.m.  

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