sept 12th, already?

people across the free world commemorated yesterday in a myriad of ways, lots of ceremonies with flags and prayers. for me and my bandmates, the auspicious date was marked by a lacklustre gig delivered to half a dozen drunks at a very dead rainbow room. but all was not lost: i got to test drive my lead vocals on 2 new tunes, and during a rousing rendition of midnight hour, kevin actually ushered that annoying flower lady to the stage and bought roses for me and christina, which he handed over while belting out the last verse.

the campaign i'm managing is picking up steam [official launch = 26th]. i haven't had anything to do with a municipal campaign in nearly 10 years, and i'm liking it. the issues are closer to home and you get reminded of how any sort of tangible change is actually within reach at the local level. as hectic as it will be, i'm beginning to realize that this election experience will be really good for me. how this campaign is vastly different than any ndp campaign i've worked with in a long long time:

- a candidate i actually like
- a candidate i actually respect
- people who actually respect me, or fake it really well
- a team that is actually functional and productive

how this campaign experience is vastly different than most ndp campaigns in quebec:

- a group of more than a dozen volunteers
- a budget of more than a couple of thousand dollars
- credibility that doesn't require justification
- a shot at an actual victory

it's after 1 am and 24 degrees. the weather network says it "feels like" 30. and it really fucking does - i'm actually sweating. can't believe it's the second week of september and i'm torn at this hour between watching the daily show or stretching out in the backyard to stare at the butter-coloured half moon. decisions.

i suppose i'll choose jon stewart. his show is, after all, a lifeline to sanity on this crazy planet. not to mention that tonight marks the start of his "evolution schmevolution" week. star gazing can wait a mere half hour. and anyways, lots of time left before i usually hit the hay.


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