uh oh, sports night

there's good news and bad news. the bad news is that i've recently been sucked back into the vortex that is the dvd box set. the good news is that it's sports night, a lesser known dramedy that ran for a couple of seasons in the late 90's. now i'm about as interested in sports as i am in macrame, but the genius of aaron sorkin is that his shows - neither obvious nor formulaic - are pretty much just named for locations. sorkin is a genius, an assertion i need only substantiate with um, hello? a little gem called the west wing (which cast member rob lowe once proudly referred to as "disneyland for democrats" to which i say hell yee-ah - the entire fucking universe is a disneyland for republicans. why shouldn't we be granted one magical hour a week to escape into a world where better people run the planet?).

but i digress.

perhaps what i'm most struck by during this lapse into an obsessive trance with sports night are the similarities between it and the guy who loaned me the box set. they both make me laugh. they're both brilliant and engage me in fast-paced witty repartee that keeps me on my toes. they both hold my attention in disarming ways. the show is absorbing, stimulating, touching, and surprising. so is he. i guess making such comparisons is a little weird, but also kinda neat. and so is he.

ok, gotta get back to the sports night marathon now. ouch... marathon? i need to be stopped.


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