adam's gone, but clay's ok

just took a break from doing work for other people for free. got snuck up on by a mini anxiety attack about my shitty financial situation. realizing the dwindling number of warm days left, i decided to take my panic into the pool where i bobbed and contemplated the recent death of a delightful ndp colleague who threw in his towel two days ago. i didn't know adam angus that well, but i liked him right off the hop - a rare thing for me. i feel very sorry that he couldn't take it anymore. it's a feeling i can relate to. wherever he is now, i hope he's far less exhausted and confused.

ironically, i came inside to find dr. phil talking about suicide, specifically among young people who are being bullied. he brought on former american idol finalist turned pop "sensation" clay aiken to discuss the bullying he endured while growing up and his rise to "success" despite all of that. i was able to shake off my own dark clouds by recalling a letter to clay that i'd read awhile back, which i may have shared before but will do so again, for good measure:

open letter to clay aiken

dear clay aiken,

i would like to direct your attention to an egregious grammatical error in your hit song, "invisible." you use the conditional clause four times in the chorus:

if i was invisible
then i could just watch you in your room
if i was invincible
i'd make you mine tonight
if hearts were unbreakable
then i could just tell you where i stand
i would be the smartest man
if i was invisible
(wait . . . i already am)

when you sing "if i was invisible," the word "was" denotes the possibility of your invisibility in the past. but i believe you are trying to get listeners to ponder the possiblity of your invisibility in the present. therefore, "was" should be replaced with "were." the clause you are applying is often referred to as the "unreal" conditional because it is used for unreal - impossible or improbable - situations. the unreal conditional provides an imaginary result for a given situation.

in any case, i wish you were invisible.


p.s. please get your eyebrows waxed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

why didn't you call me!
you KNOW how bully-ing in schools
is on the top of my list of
planet-earth conditions that
get on my nerves...yet enthrall me.
(along with circumcision,
-both male and female-,
really bad architectual building
-like those pop-matic conveyor belt
houses with no environmental future…
by now, shouldn’t all houses be
solar powered..for instance,
and of course, idiotic reasoning
upholding all religions…

12:10 a.m.  

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