katrina & god, my ass

i just posted a comment in response to this guy's commentary regarding katrina. holy shit, did that guy make me mad. i had felt reasonably reasonable regarding katrina matters. but then i guess i hit a wall and ended up in some kind of celine dion emota-spaz [worth watching].

hate his suggestion that there's too much posturing and finger pointing. like so many others, he points out the looting and other bad behaviour as a demonstration of the "true face of Modern Man." as if that has anything to do with anything. overall, he wondered where on earth is the grace. myself, i consider it a shocking lack of grace that caused this fuckery in the first place.

people want to believe – in order to remain more comfortable – that these things are of nature and are compelled by forces we cannot understand. it happened with last year’s tsunami, and it happens all the time – hoisting out god when there’s too much nasty shit to contend with.

it was a fucking hurricane people: we know them, name them, and track them all the livelong day. we are rich and smart and powerful and have at our disposal the most sophisticated machinery, technology and intellectual capacity to make things smooth and safe all the fucking time. i can get the temperature and weather conditions for my city updated every fucking hour on the internet, so it’s not that big a leap that a few things went awry down there. so let’s start talking hard about this shit.

there are only 2 ways to play this: god and politics. in the us, god is trotted out only when convenient. this is not that fucking complicated: only when it suits does america separate the two. some suggest that katrina not be made political, or at least not yet – these are the same ones who feign anger about the separation of church and state but who relish the manipulation of the political out it provides. like now.

it’s the same ongoing festival of hypocrisy down there. people upset by the politicking & exploiting of katrina for political gain are the same ones who trot out god every 5 fucking minutes for their own purposes. oh really, no one is to blame? this was purely an act of god? are you fucking kidding? if you want to talk about god here, you best be prepared to go all the way. if it was indeed god’s will that katrina decimate a region and leave millions to languish, why do you think that was?

ok, i’ll just say it: katrina may very well be the penultimate in karmic retribution. oh sure, even karma can fuck up once in awhile, and katrina did devastate too many of the wrong people. but then again, perhaps that was part of her point.

people who would rather the whole world pray instead of rage are likely the same ones who took one look at that flight manual and whispered, “gosh, it’s written in arabic.” i mean, how long until the cia and department of homeland security announce finding links from the katrina source directly to a cave in rural afghanistan?

leave it to an indignant american to overstate that america is not the only bastion of hypocrisy and not “alone in its disease”. funny that gets said now. we’ll hold the entire planet to an absurd standard so long as it suits our agenda, but during a time of crisis and glaring culpability, it’s gosh guys, guess we’re not perfect. but hey, neither the fuck are you, so there!

americans are going to have to understand, you get what you pay for. you bought shitty leadership that turned you against the world. while you’re wondering why the world hates you back, you re-elect him. there’s a reason why half the globe is probably thrilled about katrina. some are dancing because it saves them a suicide bomber, yes. but mostly, i think people are sick of the suffering inflicted by america, and the superiority with which it is exacted. i think we are profoundly saddened by the pain there, but can’t help our inherent taste for retribution. now THAT is nobody’s fault: this whole thing was political long before the twin towers fell (which, by the way, we knew about before it happened too).

the planet is on fire, everyone’s up in arms or carrying arms, america is sinking, ray nagin is losing his mind, and everyone else is just utterly sick of the bullshit. an entire region of the states is covered in toxic water. a few looters are stealing the attention when meanwhile, back at the stench-filled stadiums, girls are getting raped in the bathrooms.

that karma is one crazy son of a bitch.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you stop to think for one fucking minute, Pam, that some of the people that you lump into that big seething pile you call "Americans" didn't even fucking vote for the goverment that you are blasting here? Did it occur to you that America has a population of 297,000,000 + and that you're ignorantly and blindly labeling them all? Didn't you spend some time here urging us all to vote for Kerry? You know what? A lot of us fucking did, and we CRIED and felt a terrible loss when we realized that we were going to have four more years of this government. Rather than acknowledge that, though...rather than admitting that some of us can have different ideals than presently represented and are good, compassionate people you're going to take a natural disaster and use it as an opportunity to thumb noses at an entire nation...a nation which, in case it has escaped your notice, was just shy of a 50-50 split. To wave your hands and shout out in the name of a better U.S. Government in November and then turn your back and insult those who agreed with you in September is not only repulsive; it's arrogant....just the kind of thing you're accusing in "America"..that brilliant lump sum that you've concocted. Congratulations on acheiving just the sort of narrowmindedness you're claiming to hate. Congratufuckinlations.

6:40 p.m.  
Blogger pamused said...

i've got no problem with this. i expected it might happen. my shit is still raw and it comes out how it comes out. but i'm not worried about my integrity here - it's intact. i know america was and is split, and i will continue to acknowledge the other "50". obviously the frustration, however effectively its expressed from someone out here, will trouble allies in the us who have fought tooth and nail against these problems. i get how all this would feel. there is so much emotionality on so many levels here, we're all just trying to sort through it however we can. i worry that criticisms are seen as exploitation of a "natural disaster". i worry about how much of this people believe was "natural". but i worry more that the americans down there who 'get it' will take things personally when outsiders 'get it' too. i suspect it's hard for everyone to sort through the layers of grief and outrage so that it all comes out in a better way with painstaking inclusions of shout-outs to all the "good" people so as not to insult the wrong ones. it is not impossible to have respect for some americans yet hate america. lots of us manage that without too much trouble. i didn't concoct the lump sum, that's just how it works.

7:35 p.m.  
Blogger accidental altruist said...

ah Pam. you put yer name to some controversial shit and then have people blast you anonymously.

politics-schmolotics... "girls are getting raped in the bathrooms" ... - that's the bit that should be getting folks riled up.

11:41 a.m.  

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