blame brian

omigod somebody stop me. i just set myself up on flickr. i'm fucking around on a photo site at 5 am and i don't even take pictures. i don't even have a camera. more importantly, how is it that my sleep schedule could get even worse? obviously, i've got problems.

for this ill-timed lapse of cyber-judgement, i blame brian entirely. after deciding to stop working awhile ago, i went and got all caught up in his gallery. again. what a great photographer. but helloooo? could you stop uploading new images please?? wasn't enough, apparently, to woo us with the initial magical slideshow of your glorious global adventure. enough already. fuck.

may i just say that in this woozy late-night/early-morning mental state and with my eyes all a-gooey, lucky that flickr was so easy to navigate. was impressed with how luddite-friendly it all was. one minute i'm begrudgingly trying to sign up in order to post a comment to a brian pic, next thing i know i'm uploading from a cd of cuba pictures.

ok why am i still up and on this computer? sweet jeezus, i need help.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL...even Pam needs a little blog SPAM from time to time. ;)

8:58 p.m.  

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