so much shit to learn with this whole blog business. i'm a great word processor but have zero knowledge of web technology. time warped in another era, sadly [don't even get me started on fashion].

anyhoo, maybe i'll track down an easy-peasy html tutorial - preferably for free. i suppose i could just google my way to something, but am i the only one who finds that google search result too fucking intimidating and often mysteriously random? search engines sometimes feel like the seedy red light districts of the net - you wander through them with a pen-light and a dream, hoping to point and click your way to a site that will make your day, that's full of good stuff, that isn't slimy, that was raised by a good mama.

who said blogs need bells and whistles anyway? maybe i'll just blog what i say the basic way. no fancy formatting, but perhaps the occasional wacky experiment with italics.


web, meet pam. pam, meet web.

who know's where this will go.  always the last one on a bandwagon, i've been shlepping around a notebook and pen for as long as i can remember.  thoughts captured on random scraps have wound up in the bottoms of purses and car seat creases.  and so i ask myself, why not join the millions of others who have decided to muse in the cyber way.
i've got a lot of shit on my mind.  lots of things piss me off while lots of things make me piss my pants laughing.  there's so much to sift through, don't you think?  i'll kinda talk about me, but it's not really about me.  it's about moving through a day in this fucked up world.  it's about quirks and consequences and comedy.  and maybe, just maybe, it's about me taking part in a new version of community support.  aw shucks.
so i will muse here, mainly for me, but on a good day, perhaps i'll amuse you.
oh, and be warned:  i'll swear a lot.