life by lists

lessons (or confirmations) from my stint at CUPE

i pretty much suck in offices, LEEDS-standards sexy or otherwise.

i’m more capable, professionally, than i even thought i was, but…

my above-average ability to effectively navigate (endure?) bureaucratic systems may well be over.

even four shrill alarms and contractual obligations can’t guarantee me out of bed before 10.

what for most people are the ‘witching’ hours are my most creative.

the strange pride that comes from good ghost-writing still got nothing on a byline, however unnoticed.

talented people cannot thrive unless or until they are trusted to.

my gut really should get more air time.

i have become quite the misanthropic loner.

reasons to cling to the freelancing dream as long as i can

see above.

things i want to accomplish before the end of 2008

play the guitar without looking down at it.

polish off a new batch of vocal demos.

spend at least every other saturday night outside this house and/or being social.

take at least one week of bona fide, unplugged vacation… possibly in cuba.

spend time campaigning somewhere in the US during the presidential election.

feel better than this.

take to their conclusion at least two dangling personal writing projects.

secure a regular column/commentary on a web zine.

replace this with a new, lighter, less assholic laptop.

get a new tattoo.

what concerns me most about the post-presumptive-nominee-becoming obama (aka: see! 'supporter' doesn’t mean 'zealot', haters)

his recent disclosure of the possibility of slowing a previously-promised 16-month withdrawal from iraq.

the disturbing comfort with which he pandered to pro-israeli influencers the day after he clinched the nomination.

his repeated dodging (hiding?) of a clear stance on the historic DC handgun ban case.

his abandonment of the very public financing he has so strongly advocated.

his support for letting religious charities that receive federal funding consider religion in employment decisions.

the way he insists on categorizing being called a muslim a 'smear'.