so much shit to learn with this whole blog business. i'm a great word processor but have zero knowledge of web technology. time warped in another era, sadly [don't even get me started on fashion].

anyhoo, maybe i'll track down an easy-peasy html tutorial - preferably for free. i suppose i could just google my way to something, but am i the only one who finds that google search result too fucking intimidating and often mysteriously random? search engines sometimes feel like the seedy red light districts of the net - you wander through them with a pen-light and a dream, hoping to point and click your way to a site that will make your day, that's full of good stuff, that isn't slimy, that was raised by a good mama.

who said blogs need bells and whistles anyway? maybe i'll just blog what i say the basic way. no fancy formatting, but perhaps the occasional wacky experiment with italics.


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