7 random things

everyone's doing this meme, incessantly, even. so i figured i may as well, too. behold, a batch of 7 random (perhaps not weird) things about yours truly:

1. i pretty much let creepy crawly things roam without fear of death in my house, mostly cuz of laziness and compassion combined. but i am so irrationally afraid of mice that i have, in the past, chosen snapping over trapping to evict them.

2. my low-grade version of ocd manifests in mostly inoffensive ways like being obsessive about keeping the number of messages in all my email inboxes under 50 AT ALL COSTS, except for my hotmail account to which i wander only once every couple of months or so in order to plough through mountains of e-newsletters from the likes of the green party of canada, young democrats of america, amazon, and
code pink.

3. my highball and cocktail of choice, for years, have been the gin & tonic and cosmopolitans, respectively.

4. entering the regina public library and most shopper’s drug mart outlets instantly makes me have to go pee.

5. no bed covering whatsoever can EVER touch my ears while i’m trying to fall asleep otherwise i go completely bonkers.

6. relatedly, i MUST have some or all of one or both (naked) feet sticking out of the covers, or at the very least, MUST have access to be able to do so without unconscious violence [this is the impetus for the immediate and ritualistic untucking of constrictive bed linens the second i walk into hotels rooms]

7. i derive unreasonable amounts of pleasure from discarding Things; finding (even inventing) garbage and recycling for the bins the night before pick-up gives me a high. perhaps not coincidentally, i tend to be quite the hanger-on to 'other' clutter – an emotional ‘hoarder’, if you will.

contradictions, whaa?


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