she's still in it!

and what a race it (still) is! based on the results out of those states voting tonight, here are the woozy, hardly satisfying things we know:

- hillary won enough to stay in it
- obama didn't win enough to end it
- hillary didn't catch up enough on delegates
- obama didn't score big headline victories
- bill somehow didn't manage to bungle it
- cnn yet again sucked the life out of it
- it's looking more and more like those superdelegates will get to decide it

mississippi! indiana! north carolina! guam! yes, you DO matter!
who knows, maybe kentucky, too!

sadly, we had confirmed the fact that assholes everywhere can, when given the opportunity, wax ad nauseum on their (often loose) understanding of 'momentum'.

AND we got incontrovertible evidence that vermont, with it's cute little delegate count, is an uber cool place chock full of uber cool people. thanks ben & jerry and friends.


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