yes, i said glassy sand

well, my first top priority task at the new gig is now substantiated on the internet, so it's official: big box corporate childcare BOO, non-profit universal child care YAY. oh sure, the press conference went off as smoothly as any, if you don't assign importance to shit like media turnout or pick-up. those problems are thankfully beyond me (at least for now). i'm just pleased as punch to have managed to effective book a room, edit talking points, and photocopy stuff. awesome. not much of what i've been up to is particularly brain-taxing, but holy tamale has it ever trumped the shit out of most other to-do list items and made me freaking tired. actually, the whole situation be making me tired. i just got home 11 hours after leaving my house this morning. the transition from work-tons-but-mostly-whenever-the-hell-you-want even-in-pajamas to this has SUCKED, not just because my body feels as though i'm being dragged slowly through gravel by a truck. but at other levels especially, thanks to the ongoing awkwardness that is the circumstance of my contract. at this point, i'm trying to keep all things in perspective while seriously contemplating my options. won't be long before i know exactly what i'm doing and how i truly feel about it.

in other news, i started guitar lessons last night with this sassy broad at the OFC. she's been playing since she was 10, rocks out regularly with a local blues band, and apparently one of her "specialties is working with up and coming singer-songwriters looking to work the guitar and voice at the same time" so yahoo, here i go shaving down my left-hand fingernails for some New Fun.

in other other news, my ever-encouraging embed in team obama - a friend of a delicious friend - invited me to kick some organizing ass in rural pennsylvania. what with all my cycloning contract commitments, i surely cannot. but i tossed the idea out to some folks i know and two cool gal pals are climbing onto a greyhound bus tonight, scranton-bound. i'm seething with jealousy but of course am super happy they get to go experience some of it. i'm also glad that obama's pennsylvania crew gets to benefit from their amazing energy. BUT OH HOW I WISH I WAS GOING, TOO.

lastly, what's with all the infuriating pussy drivers out there? i know i'm an aggressive driver at the best of times... and maybe it doesn't help that these days i'm driving home as though i'm all element-beaten and delirious, clawing my way through the glassy sand toward a mirage. but still.


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I want to hear about the child care gig. I enjoyed reading the Alice Walker piece.

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