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in the case of the national campaign coverage, i'm not so sure that any press is good press. the party should worry more about buzz than whatever little blips we manage to get about quebec candidates. what buzz is doing is downright shitty. i even agree with his analysis, but jesus, c'mon.

hey mr. hargrove: i actually AM full of progressive bones. and my bones ache every fucking day working to try and ensure the capitalist fucks don't squish everything. i, too, was stoked by the kind of gains we were making with the liberal minority situation (no one has talked about the amazing progress made on women's rights; the parliamentary committee on the status of women which we finally won last year may go down in history as the shortest lived standing house committee - thanks everyone). i, too, was pissed about the political posturing that led to this pre-mature election. i, too, remain relatively dissatisfied with my party and waver daily on my commitment to it. but for fucksake, since when did disagreeing with the ndp mean posing for photo-opps with martin? if you're really worried about people with progressive bones, you'd know we just can't afford this kind of public split. there isn't a cast big enough to heal the kind of fracture we'll suffer when political fuckery like yours winds up tanking us. go ahead and throw your arm around martin's shoulder. let's hope your attempt to "recreate the conditions that led to the policies of the last 17 months" doesn't backfire. let's hope your new love affair doesn't wind up costing the ndp serious numbers. none of us or our bones want to see the caucus returned to the glory days of the mid-90's when we had only 9 mp's and lacked party status. ideal conditions, indeed.


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Unfortunately, the polls tell us a different story. The Liberals are in the high 30s to low 40s, the Cons are making gains (why hasn't anyone asked Harper, how he is going to pay for all his spending and tax cuts ?) and it is all at the expenses of the NDP. If Harper keeps gaining the NDP will suffer more and more. Thanks Buzz.
Either a LIb maj. or a Con min will make you irrelevant and Jack still signs the workers bill of rights. Mon grand-pere helped develop the CCF and mon pere is working for them as I am but I fear we will all die and never see an NDP government. Hey Buzz, Tu mange de la merde.

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