cooking for the cure

there are too many political developments to track: harper hanging loose at the national press theatre, clement sticking it to drug 'offenders', dion sweating with strategists, ontario's nose-holding choice, and what high drama on the rock -- will danny williams slaughter or merely maim the other parties in newfoundland/labrador. mildly exciting, maybe, but i feel on the inside about it all the way chantal hebert looks about it: tired, and a bit blasé.

my problem these days is that i have so much work to do and ain't quite doing it (ongoing is the struggle with flex time management, or as i've come to admit, ME management). i know exactly what needs to be done, i know exactly how to do it, i even enjoy doing it. do do do do. ever feel like you're This Close to being on top of your shit, but just can't seem to quite get there? i don't know... between work, domestica, administrivia, and oh yeah, personal stuff (wha?), it's a wonder. being this busy is both a great problem to have for a freelancer, but at the same time, is fairly punitive. i wind up missing stuff in the (seldom visited at the best of times) outside world, my wonky schedules gets wonkier, and i worry lots. what i'm saying is there is PROGRESS to be desperately made in all departments over here. and i suppose it will come. in the meantime - while my sub-conscious grapples with those productivity questions - there is food.

recently here to help eat my leftover lasagna, a friend bent over a plate of the reheated gooey goodness and said, 'WOW! you must really love yourself to cook like this.' wha? i thought... how could this mean i love myself? what it might mean, more accurately, is that i love to cook. so i got to thinking about why i don't do it more often. when i think about how much i enjoy cooking, how relaxing it is for me, restorative even. it really should be a daily thing instead of twice or thrice weekly. and it should be elevated cuisine -- the kind that challenges and inspires me. so i've been upping the kitchen action around here. and it's fucking healthy. because i'm reminded that 'discombobulated' and 'behind' are more bearable shadows when i'm a happy cook.

so there was chirozo risotto tonight, there'll be indian food tomorrow, and on sunday, my offering to the gods of thanksgiving shall be one kick-ass menu, a meal i'd have even prepared for my solo self if i weren't going to be enjoying the company of a good friend or two:

sweet potato chipotle soup
apple fennel salad w/ balsamic vinaigrette
turkey roulade of prosciutto and asparagus
smashed cauliflower with garlic butter and emmental
simply steamed green peas
white chocolate pumpkin mousse tarte
pineapple upside-down cake with vanilla crème
boozey coffee and tea
platter of quebec cheeses


Blogger Miss Vicky said...

sounds good! Guess I don't need to invite you over!

11:59 a.m.  

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