two things

first thing: holy fuck i can hardly believe it. in a few days, i'll board a plane to chicago, then hop a bus to madison, wisconsin, the hot-bed of progressive activism in the heart of those fabulous united states. can hardly get my shit together before leaving and am feeling a bit overwhelmed with all of it. but two whole weeks on the ground there - the final two weeks before that hardly-trustworthy electorate selects its next president. the kerry/bush debate tonight was a heart attack, thank christ there are no more of those left.

kinda takes my breath away. all that power in the hands of those people. c'mon, you know what i mean by those people. they've
been through a lot and are spreading freedom and democracy to the world. there are even fun trading cards to commemorate the divine intervention. after the consumption of so much horseshit, what might they do at the polls? a mighty decision for an electorate that i hope is nothing like this.

stay tuned for tales from the cheese state.

second thing: i've become active in another on-line community, of the human catalogue variety, and it's kinda weirding me out. quite the experiment, perhaps to be short-lived. the stories may be funny enough to some day post here. for now i'm just getting a sense of it all. there sure is some fucked up shit on this wacky world wide web.