sask, i still love you

the next saskatchewan legislature
will be led by a sask party majority.
oh god.

things to which i freely admit at this point:

i am sad. i am not surprised. i wish a fifth term wasn't such a big fucking thing to ask for, from any electorate. i wish the sask liberals could have offered a remotely viable alternative so those nose-holding voters who somehow desired change could have at least gotten it done the ontario way.

i am mildly disappointed to have not gone there to work the campaign. at this moment, i'm feeling a wee bit homesick.

i am no blind loyalist and have certainly disliked many moves/decisions made by my chosen party - especially the sask ndp, good christ - but it is a sickening notion that they should be voted out based primarily on malaise. i am not excited to see which of its seriously whacky and dangerous ideas the sask party will roll out first [more of that heavy law and order agenda, anyone?]. i confess to liking wall's idea for fixed election dates, though.

i am gushingly relieved that my old friend warren held onto his seat (and a few others i particularly admire). i shed more than one tear during calvert's concession address - i really do agree with him that saskatchewan is the best province in canada.

i'm a bit pissed right now, but can't stay mad at my people. i really do love where i'm from. we should all be so lucky.


Anonymous Berlynn said...

Pam, we have to suck it up and know that Wall will also go down and when he does there will be one helluva great and progressive organization prepared to challenge him. And, it will be the Sask Greens. The NDP are too old-style and too rightwing for the young ones coming up. The future is Green and it lives in my house.

12:44 a.m.  
Blogger pamused said...

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1:10 a.m.  
Blogger pamused said...

yeah, i'm certain a LOT of sucking up is going on right about now. yours is one hectic, revolutionary house! i'll have to drop by for some inspiration when i next make a pilgrimmage to the homeland...

1:11 a.m.  

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