oh mUGGod

day three of this headache. i swear this hasn’t happened since my early 20s when i was experimenting with various birth control pills, pharmaceuticals, and a coca cola addiction. i also swear that these have been the worst few days i’ve pushed through in quite the while. yesterday, i (accidentally, of course) splashed hot grease from the stove and now have three unpleasantly red toonie-sized burn blotches on my stomach. yes, stomach. let me assure you, other than maybe the eyelid or nipple (i wouldn't know), i propose the stomach is the worst place to be burned by cooking grease. the ensuing pain and discomfort of that dumbass kitchen manoeuver coupled with the headache made for a rather shitty monday. i suppose it was within that rawness that i found myself susceptible to a mini meltdown [my keep-it-all-in-check-o-meter is clearly on the fritz]. a simple question during a simple phone call opened the floodgates to a rush of pent-up feelings related to stress, loss, fear, You Name It. it was hearty and apparently necessary, but that sort of cry sure doesn’t help a headache.

and so my burned and achey self fell in and out of a bizarre sleep of dreams about comas and missing car tires and bunk beds and road signs and footwear. found myself surfing the net in the middle of the night for some good winter shoes. i need not slip-slidey shoes, nor clunky boots. i need in-between footwear. my winter boots have served me well for ten years will do so again when the time comes to trudge through volumes of snow on mini hikes. they keep me from falling thanks to a complex tread pattern down below, are ultra-lined, and lace up to the top of the ankle so are toasty warm. great. but what i really need is footwear for the daily grind that’ll get me from house to car to [insert random urban destination here]. but i don’t want one of those weird leathery jobs that go to the ankle but are actually quite gapey up there. and i don’t want anything with a girlie heel, as if those women aren't one steel grate away from a face plough when racing from taxi to highrise to nightclub – high heeled boots would be SO not me. i’m surely no fashionista, but i find myself confounded by what is lately passing as stylish. like honestly,
when the hell did tassles come back? and what is the story behind this line of boots that has somehow managed to convince (dupe) the hipsters into annointed them cool? oh mUGGod. basic winter wear? sure. fashion hype? c'mon.


Blogger Donna said...

1) My ultra hip and lithe yoga teacher wears these boots, slipped over her Lulu Lemon pants. I love her, so she's allowed. But it's almost too much.

2) I have to recommend these: http://www.onlineshoes.com/productpage.asp?type=brand&brandid=38&brandcatid=1097&ageid=1&gen=w&pcid=55263They have made winters my happy time. They may not look like high fashion but they are warm, slip on, grippy, and comfortable. And they're wide enough to accomodate my duck feet. A1. I can even tell you where to get 'em in Ottawa.

11:36 p.m.  
Blogger pamused said...

clearly i don't give a hoot about fashion because, as stated, it makes no sense to me. i just want to not fall down on my urban winter walks, so yessy, please furnish ottawa source for your ducky boots.

1:28 a.m.  

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