not that anyone would notice because, let’s face it, the room hasn't exactly been operating at full capacity for a Long While, but i figured it time to make some changes around here. those obligatory links on the left have been updated and a new (coincidentally ndp orange) button has gone up which points innocent clickers to my desperately low vote count for a pipe dream prize. oh, and woot woot - ‘lost people’ now found have suitably gotten the strikethrough treatment. thanks, internet, for all the reunioning.

perhaps most importantly (hey, it’s all relative), i decided to give up on the multicolouredness of the posts and just let the grey hang out. less stress, more soothing. or not. whatever. i have seven thousand choices to make on any given day, so at some point it becomes appropriate to give no shit whatsoever about the colour of one’s blog posts. because i’ll tell you what, users of prefab annoying cheapo creatively-uninspired blog templates, NO ONE CARES. so i don’t. grey like me it is. at least until i manage to get my crap together enough to learn me some wordpress or some other newfangled set-up that might show some love to my own bona fide page somewhere off on its own away from this stepfordy blogspot zoo. wide open spaces and i gotta be me and all that.


Blogger Deb said...

I'm in the blogger template slum too but I can't see myself learning any new skills anytime soon.

9:14 p.m.  

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