dumbledore, pride giver

forgive the cliche intro as cheesy as 'i threw up in my mouth a little'...

i literally peed my pants when i saw this, um, article. really.

we all found it mildly amusing - albeit a shamelessly shameless marketing ploy (as if she needs to be more marketed) - last week when
j.k. rowling OUTED the headmaster from hogwarts. much ado has been made about it, but this is the only follow-up i find worthwhile.

lucy van pelt and bob the builder may not surprise you, but how well did you think you knew seinfeld?

excerpted from More Fictional Characters Outed Today [and point at which i actually had to remove my glasses, wipe tears, lean back, and HOWL]:

Popular honey fiend Winnie the Pooh came out, explaining that he was born as a female but transitioned before moving to the Hundred Acre Woods... "Because I'm a bear of very newish Cock, and big city queer scenes Bother me."

full 'story' here.

oh gosh, there are so many characters who i JUST KNOW are gay and thanks to dumbledore, might feel liberated enough to come on out. like buckwheat!


Blogger Deb said...

Of course, Buck, of course! And he was always my favorite, I'm such a hag!

Thanks for joining in the fun!

12:01 a.m.  

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