saturday am

roll out of bed put kettle on turn laptop on brush teeth make bodum of coffee prepare bowl of blueberry yogurt with low-carb special k flakes sprinkled on top shuffle to office desk scan pan-quebec headlines read globe and mail online review to-do list read washington post online read new york times online review to-do list wander to window marvel at patterns of paw tracks around my backyard start re-drafting strategy for phase 2 of quebec ndp campaign eat one of these bastards fantasize about hiding in the back of a movie theatre at this flick at a matinee like when i snuck out to see this last weekend work some more on the strategy document contemplate playing hooky who would i call hold phone as if poised to dial someone feel sadness because there's no one i really want to call admire the vastness of this space between totally plugged in and dangerously disconnected keep writing keep writing


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