by my nails, sometimes

a few of the things keeping me from curling up in the fetal position at the bottom of the bell jar (this time around):

my youtube 'favourites' folder -- fans of project runway (season 2, to be precise) surely appreciate the wetting of pants inspired by those legendary santino-does-tim-gunn moments, without which my prospects of making it through a day would be dodgy, at best. in this one, santino channels tim channeling nine inch nails - i wail irrepressibly every time i see it, just like daniel v himself:

minor meds -- sure, there's pretty much always a dull ache in some corner of my head, but even when there's not, what's the harm in a wee maintenance program? my daily dose of choice:

the volcano -- coffee lovers the world over well understand the elixir that is a good, strong cup of espresso. after inadvertently breaking two bodums in two months, i have returned to my beloved volcano to get me through. she's been with me a long time - she's reliable, doesn't judge me, and never disappoints. ours is a groovy kind of love.

chris cillizza and 'the fix' -- a blog that serves up some of my favourite political punditry of the american variety (the geek in me don't sleep just cuz i'm in a funk!). let's face it - having something consistent on which to focus while dangling is a good thing. and if that something regularly speaks highly of my boy obama, is fresh, AND well written? well hell, for an armchair political observer, that's a special brand of endorphin rush.


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