will the chill

been spending more time outside than usual lately, breathing deeply – partly as per some tweaking of The Routine, but also in anticipation of winter. little bits of snow have fluttered around confusedly once or twice this past week, but there’s yet to arrive our first official snowfall. when it does land, that’ll be quite alright with me. breathing in deeply that sharp november air in the park today was good. having the likes of missy elliott and earth wind and fire along for the walk was good, too. but inhaling the intoxicating sunny chill couldn’t shake loose this feeling that something just ain’t right in me (again? still? always?) dammit. snow please come! make temporary tombs of things. cover shit up with your shimmer. cool this whole mess down. bring all the fluffy whiteness and freshness that is known to occasionally – temperature and location depending – signify hope.


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