38 of 365x35: mr. evans

you summoned me all stern into your office. i soiled myself when you said my dad would be informed of the whole smoking-in-the-girls-room incident. the deal you offered totally sucked, as did my negotiation skills.

[i am doing x365]


Blogger Carrie and/or Wayne said...

LMAO! I lost track the number of times I was caught. I think my parents stopped returning calls to the school. LOL I remember one time I actually looked at the Principal (what was her name?! Twila??) and said, "Just a sec." while I had one last drag before dumping my ciggy in the toilet. I was a rotten kid!

1:20 p.m.  
Blogger pamused said...

funny! well, i only got caught the once (turned pro after that one). remember evans knew my dad, like most of 'em did, having been taught by him in university? brutal.

4:36 p.m.  

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